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November 9, 2017

Oversized and heavy cargo handling

Trans-border logistics with Central Asia, Russia and other neighboring countries, major pieces transportation

We have formed a strong competitiveness in the field of international project logistics, especially the national “One belt One Road” strategy for Topone Logistics to expand the scale of overseas business has injected a new impetus for development. We are focus on power grid, Oil drilling rigs, metallurgy, chemical infrastructure industry etc.


Introduction of some transportation projects

Oil rigs Cross-border transportation

mining equipment Cross-border transportation 

 large parts of power plant Cross-border transportation

large boilers Cross-border transportation

Multimodal transport Cross-border transportation

copper mining equipment Cross-border transportation

PK Refinery equipment cross-border transportation

Heating equipment cross-border transportation


sulfide ore equipment Cross-border transportation

Natural gas pipeline equipment Cross-border transportation