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October 4, 2017

Fresh product trade

Fresh product trade

Recent years In China, “unfair” food production conditions and unsustainable production methods have increasingly garnered criticism. As a result, Fresh product losing the TRUST from customers, especially Russian, our neighbour – one of the biggest fresh product market of China.

Topone Fresh Trade controls the entire process of fresh products, including safety growing methods, product grading, safety inspection, packing and distribution. And consumers are prepared to put their hands in their pockets if these criteria are satisfied.

TOPONE Fresh Trade seek an intuitive, pleasurable and sensual experience when it comes to food trade.

Topone Fresh Trade Representing the largest fresh product exporters in China leverage our logistics advantages, Selecting the highest quality Chinese products for you, lower your costs and higher your efficiency.

We will win back your TRUST, not only cheap but really good!